Breathing Exercise for Energy

After starting a new job a few weeks ago I noticed my mind has been more chaotic during the day and harder to shut off at night. yell

I like my new job but it’s fast paced, chaotic and requires a lot of mental focus. It felt like I could feel the cortisol being released as I worked through my shifts.

As I adjusted to this change I started noticing signals of distress in my mind and body:

  • Achy neck and shoulders leading to tension head aches
  • feeling tired and like I was tossing and turning at night
  • feeling lazy on my days off and like I had no energy
  • an endless stream of thoughts before bed at night

I was feeling pretty miserable…

tension head ache, high stress, trouble sleeping, tossing and turning at night, waking up at night

So what did I do?


FIRST, I had to admit that this was taking a toll on my body and mind and I needed to do SOMETHING to care for myself.

Then I reflected on my mindfulness tools that have helped me through stressful times in the past and chose ONE daily practice to recommit to.

I chose morning breathing exercises 5 minutes each day. If I forgot or didn’t have time in the morning than I MADE time throughout the day or even 5 mins before bed if that’s when I finally had time.

Simple and effective.

Only 5 minutes a day and I noticed a BIG diference in my mental clarity and focus immediatly after the practice as well as a boost in energy after a few days of practice.

OK… but how?

Join us on 2/22 or 2/27 to try it and feel the benefit of adding this mindfulness tool to your self care routine.

Are your ready to harness the power of your breath?  Join us live or on zoom!

I know…I can hardly believe February is over in just 1 week surprised

There are two opportunities to learn how to connect with your mind and body through breath before the month is over.

I feel the most grounded when I take 5 minutes to connect with myself each day, especially when those moments are spent outside during golden hour. <3

Feeling happy, calm, focused and energized after a 5 minute mindfulness meditation. Meditation teacher during golden hour in Buffalo, NY

I hope to empower you with the same tools I use throughout my own journey. If you are feeling called to join us, click the date that aligns below!


P.s I offer packages for personalized learning about meditation or reiki and help you create a sustainable mindfulness routine to flow through life with grace. Check them out here!

Mid Week Meditation Circle Wednesday 2/22

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