About Julia

Founder of Your Health Root



Julia is a nurse with 9 years of medical experience who specializes in holistic health coaching. She uses a variety of techniques including integrative nutrition health coaching, reiki, mindfulness & meditation, to help her clients create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Get to know your coach

Julia loves spending time in nature, especially during sunset or golden hour. She is passionate about learning and believes there is always something we can learn from each other. When she’s not helping her clients she is likely spending time taking care of herself, her cat or spending quality time with family. Julia strives for a well balanced life and shows her clients how to do the same.

holistic health coach with over 9 years experience working in the healthcare field

Mission and vision

♥ To join you on your unique path and support you holistically

♥​ To help you let go of overwhelm and go through life with ease

♥ ​To help you understand your body and the ways it communicates with you

♥​ To help you make hard choices and stick to them!

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If you have any questions then please email julia@yourhealthroot.com

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