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Integrative Nutrition health coach , registered nurse, looking out at Lake Ontario in Buffalo New York.
Integrative nutrition health coach reiki master showing intentional living and reaching goals through manifestation mapping action steps

Reiki – discovery call

Interested in reiki but have questions first? Book a call with me to learn what reiki is and how this practice can help you!

reiki empowerment in buffalo New York using healing hands for restorative meditation and stress relief

Reiki – 60 minute session

Feel the weight of the world release from your shoulders as you are guided through a restorative meditation with Reiki.


“5/5 would recommend!

Julia is amazing at what she does, from reiki to meditation and everything in between.

She goes out of her way to explain everything and keeps it light so you always you feel comfortable, which is great when you’re new to it all. Julia takes what you say to heart and really tries to help you get where you want to go without ever putting pressure on you.

I’ve been to a reiki session and two meditation/sound bath classes and each is different experience and I always leave feeling relaxed, grateful, and at peace.

I love all the great ideas she has for events and classes and she’s always looking for feedback and open to trying new things.”

– Kathy Kloc

“Julia has been a great support in helping me figure out what I need and has led me in the right direction towards starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Small, but impactful changes and determination with her in your corner are a recipe for success!”

– Jennifer Karlis

Reiki meditations with crystal bowl sound baths

Mondays from 7:00-8:00pm

Reiki meditations with crystal bowl sound baths

Mondays from 7:00-8:00pm

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“I have had a couple of reiki sessions with Julia. She is naturally calming and caring. I appreciate her natural teaching and healing personality. You can see she cares about your well-being and helping you with your spiritual goals. I look forward to my sessions.”

– Dea Palmer

“Any time I have had a video call with Julia, whether it be about reiki, life, love or emotional tribulations, she has always offered great light and insight. Simply holding a conversation calms my spirit. She is always willing to share love, light and her personal experiences. Anytime we’ve finished a call or video session my soul feels rejuvenated and mind at peace/ enlightened.” Client also reports feeling “peaceful, calmer, more clear minded” after a distance Reiki session.

 -Sara D.S

“I experienced such a healing and transformative session with Julia during our Reiki connection.
Her light & energy is so pure and charged with intent!

I had recently been struggling with emotional blocks & carrying excess energy from unwanted sources around me, causing my energy centers to feel sluggish & polluted.
After Julia cleared a deep center of concentration in my top left energy field, I could distinctively feel a release.

The effects of this session have reverberated throughout my day, and continue to unfold & feel stronger as I spend more time reflecting on my experience.

As a reiki practitioner myself, I can say I am incredibly impressed with Julia’s mastery of her craft, & filled with gratitude for our experience.

I highly recommend booking a session!”

-Alisha Lezama